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International Certified Financial Consultants, Director

Mr. Des Lau is a board member of the group, responsible for leading the company's marketing and sales departments. With over 20 years of professional experience, he has served as a director at Royal Alliance Property Limited and is the founding partner of YWL Agency Limited. He has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as real estate development and investment management.

Mr. Lau utilizes his expertise and industry experience to provide regular training to the company's sales team and works closely with partners in the Greater China region to drive the group's marketing activities. His professional guidance and strategic planning have made significant contributions to the company's market competitiveness and business growth. In addition, Mr. Lau serves as a member of the executive committees of several professional organizations, including the International Registered Financial Consultant Association and HK InnoVision. He actively participates in these organizations, contributing to the advancement and development of the industry as a whole.

With his exceptional leadership abilities and industry experience, Mr. Lau is dedicated to driving the group's marketing and sales strategies, making important contributions to the company's success and growth. His expertise and experience enable him to lead the team in implementing effective marketing strategies and building strong relationships with partners. Mr. Lau's involvement and contributions also extend to professional organizations, where he is committed to the development and advancement of the industry.

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