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FGI Group is a comprehensive enterprise at the forefront of future development, encompassing three brands: FGI Estate, FGI Capital, and FGI Technology. These brands offer investors diverse opportunities, covering areas such as real estate development, capital operations, and technological innovation.

The group's three brands combine exceptional expertise, sustainability commitments, and innovative spirit, aiming to provide investors with reliable opportunities for long-term value appreciation while making a positive impact on communities and the environment. Whether it's real estate development, investment operations, or technological innovation, the group is dedicated to creating value, achieving sustainable development, and working hand in hand with you to create a better future.

FGI Real Estate was established in 2012. Our projects encompass various types of real estate development, including residential, commercial, and retail. We are renowned for our innovative designs and high-quality construction. We work closely with local governments, architects, and other partners to ensure that our projects meet the highest standards and requirements.

In order to achieve vertical expansion and investment returns in the tourism market, the group established a leasing management service company in 2015. After years of operation, the company has developed a mature leasing management service system and an excellent management team. We specialize in managing various types of properties, including residential apartments and commercial real estate, and have expanded our services to platforms such as Airbnb and in the tourism industry.

While the group has been actively expanding real estate investments to other regions in Europe, we have also been continuously expanding our business in the Greater China region to meet the growing demand for Asian businesses.

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FGI Technology is the technology innovation brand of FGI Group, dedicated to applying the latest technology and digital solutions to improve real estate operations and provide exceptional customer experiences. The team consists of technology enthusiasts and skilled professionals with extensive expertise and technical capabilities. We utilize advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and other innovative solutions to optimize various aspects of real estate development, operations, and management.

In terms of real estate development, Future Technology utilizes data analysis and predictive models to assist our team in making more accurate market assessments and investment decisions. We have also developed virtual reality and augmented reality technologies that allow clients to experience real houses and communities before they are physically constructed. 

For real estate operations and management, Future Technology offers a range of digital solutions such as smart building management systems, intelligent security systems, and energy efficiency optimization systems. These technologies can improve operational efficiency, save energy costs, and provide safer and more comfortable living environments.

Future Technology combines technology with the real estate industry and is committed to creating smarter, more efficient, and sustainable real estate solutions. Our innovative technologies and professional team allow us to maintain a leading position in the industry and provide investors and clients with exceptional value and experiences.

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FGI Capital is the financial investment company of FGI Group, focusing on providing stakeholders with diversified investment opportunities and achieving sustainable financial growth. As a professional investment management institution, Future Capital has deep industry knowledge and extensive market experience. Our investment strategies are based on comprehensive market research and risk management to ensure that our investment portfolio maintains a favorable risk-return balance.

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