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Paulo Pereira


Paulo Pereira, a prominent figure in Portugal's real estate industry, is the senior partner of FGI (name of the company). Hailing from a family with a long-standing legacy in successful business ventures, Paulo's family has been actively involved in real estate development and construction industries across Europe for several decades. Their expertise and experience in these sectors have contributed to their continued success.

In recent years, Paulo and his family have expanded their business interests and become strategic partners and co-founders of an investment fund company headquartered in Lisbon and Porto. This partnership has allowed them to diversify their portfolio and explore new opportunities in the ever-growing real estate market.

In addition to his involvement with the family business, Paulo took the entrepreneurial path and founded his own real estate agency and consultancy company called "Arcada Saldanha & Arcada Expo Real Estate LDA." Over time, his agency has grown to become a significant player in the Portuguese real estate brokerage sector. With a strong reputation for professionalism and integrity, Arcada Saldanha & Arcada Expo Real Estate LDA has established fruitful collaborations with major local developers such as Optylon/Krea, Grupo RAR, and Grupo Martinha.

Within FGI, Paulo plays a crucial role in the development of the company's local sales force. Leveraging his extensive network and expertise, he assists in sourcing lucrative deals, analyzing potential acquisitions, and managing projects effectively. Paulo's strong connections within the industry, coupled with his family's resources, allow FGI to navigate the complex real estate landscape with confidence and success.

Overall, Paulo Pereira's deep industry knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to excellence have positioned him as a respected and influential figure in the Portuguese real estate market. His contributions to FGI and the broader industry continue to shape and drive the growth of the sector in Portugal.

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