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Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Located between the characteristic and animated Santos o Velho (Santos the Old) neighbourhood and the calm and liveable Alcantara, close to the riverside and the stunning Ponte do 25 do Abril.  The apartment is linked to any transportations, immerse in the typical Portuguese lifestyle, with typical coffee shops, restaurants and bars.  Santos highlights the historical importance of buildings, and  museums. Culture and creativity are the highest aspect of this neighbourhood, surrounded by universities, ateliers and design shops.


  • Cais do Sodrè

  • Portuguese Parlament 

  • Tejo Riverside

  • Ponte 25 do Abril

Rua do Olival No 101, 1200-604 Lisboa

1 bedroom studio, second floor

47.1 sqm

Starting Price: Please contact us

Handover: Finishing with furniture



Room 2201, 22/F, Lee Garden Five, 

18 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, 

 Hong Kong
(852) 2180 0854 (OFFICE)

(852) 9202 0552 (HK)

(86) 184 2063 4130 (PRC)


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