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Chief Engineer Advisor

Mario, a graduate of the Design School at the University of Lisbon, embarked on his professional journey in the construction industry, where he acquired his engineering credentials. In 1997, Mario joined the esteemed University of Lisbon, serving the Department of Architecture. During his tenure, he made significant contributions to numerous iconic local construction projects and engaged in academic research focusing on architectural design. Mario's role as the chief engineer consultant at FGI capitalizes on his vast 30-year experience and extensive network, enabling him to provide invaluable professional guidance, expert management skills, and valuable business resources for the Group's building projects throughout Europe.

Complementing Mario's expertise, his wife, Candy Tang, assumes leadership of our rental management department. Candy has been at the helm of a dedicated local team, overseeing various aspects of the short-term rental business, including booking coordination, housekeeping, and customer service. With her adeptness in managing rental operations, Candy ensures a seamless experience for our valued guests.

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