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Advisor In Chief 


Daniel CW Tsang is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and an Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Queensland in Australia. He has extensive expertise and experience in the field of sustainable development and low-carbon research. He leads a team of 12-25 researchers dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Daniel Tsang has a rich academic background. He has served as a visiting scholar at Stanford University in the United States, a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and a Ph.D. candidate at Imperial College London in the United Kingdom. He has gained in-depth research and academic training at these renowned institutions.

Dan Tsang has made significant contributions in the field of sustainable development and low-carbon research. His research achievements include publishing over 400 SCI journal papers and being cited over 12,000 times. Additionally, he has delivered 120+ invited presentations at international conferences and institutions, further demonstrating his professional standing and international influence in the field.

Dan Tsang also plays important roles in the academic publishing industry and international academic community. He has served as an associate editor for several prestigious scientific journals and has chaired multiple international conferences. His outstanding contributions and academic reputation led to his recognition as a Highly Cited Scientist by Web of Science in 2020.

As a Chief Advisor, Daniel CW Tsang will provide professional advice on low-carbon and sustainable development to organizations. Leveraging his expertise and experience, he will assist organizations in achieving greater accomplishments in environmental sustainability and advancing carbon emission reduction goals. His work will contribute to organizations' efforts in realizing environmental protection and sustainable development goals, playing a crucial role in this globally significant issue.

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