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Portrait_Luis Araújo.jpeg


Senior Finance Manager

Luis is an experienced Finance Manager with over twenty years of expertise in Financial Management, Budgeting, Analytics, Forecasting, Risk Management, Data Analysis, Cost Control, Tax Planning, and Business Strategy. He holds a Master's degree in Management and Control from ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and a degree in Auditing from ISCAL - Lisbon Accounting and Business School.



With a proven record of success, Luis has developed strategies that optimize company performance and profitability. He is constantly striving to enhance his skills and competencies to deliver top-quality work. As the Senior Finance Manager, Luis oversees financial operations and ensures effective decision-making through his comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape.


He has successfully coordinated and supervised international teams in areas such as management control, accounting, reporting, treasury, cash flow forecasting, and human resources. Luis's expertise extends to implementing ERP systems such as SAP, Primavera, SAGE Treasury, and Hyperion, contributing to streamlined processes and improved efficiency within the organization. With his extensive knowledge and dedication to excellence, Luis plays a vital role in driving financial success and contributing to the overall growth and stability of the company.

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