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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Craig Ng is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FGI Group.

He graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada majoring at Actuarial Science with Finance option. He is a serial entrepreneur and he has founded a number of successful enterprises since year 3 in university, covering the industries of education, fintech, fashion, trading and manufacturing.In recent years, Craig has been focusing on investing in real   development projects in the North America, Australia, Asia and Europe. Using his niche skill sets developed from his actuarial background, he has been able to deploy technical, mathematical and statistical knowledge to help refine his investments and thus able to generate higher absolute return than the industry norm. He has helped his ultra-high net worth clients and family offices in transacting over $5 billion of investments in spectrum of assets globally up until now. Craig was honorably invited to join the prestigious global Entrepreneur Organization (EO) in 2015 and currently an active fellow member. He participates in many global entrepreneurship and charity events to contribute to the society. While his accomplishments and contributions made to the society had been well recognized over the years, Craig was honorably nominated for and won the “2018 World Outstanding Chinese Award” and was granted a honorary doctorate degree.