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Alfama preserves until nowadays many buildings constructed during the Middle Ages. The city is full of walls covered by the typical tiles named azulejos, and old red-tiled roofs; winding and steep alleyways, and old trams between colorful houses. Exploring these alleys has become one of the most frequently arranged itineraries for travelers to Lisbon

Location Calcadinha do Tijolo No: 47

Studio to 1 bedroom from T0 to T1

60 square meters built into two open units

All-house furniture and electrical appliances



Between the narrow and steep streets of Alfama and the characteristic and charming houses, covered with unique azulejos tiles, lives a flourishing neighbourhood. The typical and unique Alfama becomes the most requested area in the Portuguese  capital. This liveable districts offers at the same time an international environment and the welcoming Portuguese spirits. Located in the downtown close to Castelo, Baixa-Chiado and Martim Moniz. Alfama enriches the surrounding

with stunning and breathtaking landscapes like in a postcard.

Calcadinha do Tijolo No: 47

Duplex apartment for 4 with riverview

Handover: Finishing with furniture




Alfama is the oldest and most typical neighbourhood in Lisbon. The steep hills, old houses decorated with the colourful traditional tails, and narrow streets create a picturesque scenery.  The apartment is located near the areas of Baixa, Chiado, Castelo and Martim Moniz. The high demands for property in Alfama, means to live in a charming and energetic neighbourhood, at the same time being widely international but it is preserving the strong characteristics that made Alfama the Portuguese district par excellence.

Cacadinha do Tijolo No: 47, Alfama

38sq.m. 1 bedroom classic Portuguese old town apartment

Handover: Finishing with furniture

Santa apollonia metro station