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FGI 未來集團控股 - logo-2023.png

FGI Group is a comprehensive multi-national enterprise at the forefront of future development, encompassing three brands: FGI Estate, FGI Capital, and FGI Technology. These brands offer diverse opportunities, covering areas such as real estate development, capital operations, and technological innovation.


FGI GROUP  Holdings Limited

FGI Group is a well-known multinational corporation headquartered in Hong Kong, established in 2012. Over the past decade, we have been deeply involved in the finance and real estate sectors, with business operations spanning across several countries and regions, including Mainland China, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Southeast Asia. We have established branch offices and representative offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Europe.

Our primary business activities revolve around financial services, asset management, and real estate development and operations. We collaborate with renowned institutions, private equity funds, family offices, and high net worth individuals to expand our business. We specialize in the acquisition, restructuring, value enhancement, and profitable resale of distressed and underperforming assets.

As a multinational enterprise, we boast an international team and embrace advanced management concepts and corporate culture. We prioritize teamwork, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. We encourage employees to unleash their creativity and innovative spirit, enabling them to contribute to the company's development.

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